• 6.45%

    Annualized return since inception1, 2

The Fund

The CMLS Mortgage Fund (the "Fund") was created with the objective of preserving capital and earning a premium over publicly traded fixed income securities by investing in private commercial and residential mortgages secured by real estate.

This Fund is best suited for the long-term investor looking for a yield premium over publicly-traded fixed income securities.


Our view is that the Fund can earn attractive risk-adjusted returns by concentrating on asset classes in urban centers that are underserved by the large banks and financial institutions.

Specifically, our strategy is to:

  1. Diversify exposure across geography with a concentration on primary or secondary markets;
  2. Diversify exposure by asset class;
  3. Invest primarily in shorter-term mortgages;
  4. Earn a premium over public market fixed income securities.

Fund Manager

CMLS Asset Management Ltd. (the "Manager") is a regulated Exempt Market Dealer, Investment Fund Manager and Restricted Portfolio Manager wholly owned by CMLS Financial Solutions Inc. and affiliated with CMLS Financial Ltd. CMLS Financial Ltd. is a non-bank mortgage lender with over $18 billion of mortgages under administration.

Investors can take comfort in the fact that we are managed by securities professionals and are accountable for acting in good faith and the best interests of investors.

Fund Summary

Fund Manager

CMLS Asset Management Ltd.

Asset Class

Open-ended unincorporated trust

Inception Date

May 2008

Minimum Investment

Varies based on eligibility under applicable securities legislation


Monthly, anytime after one year (15 days' notice required. Subject to 1% retraction penalty if redeemed within 1st year)



FundSERV Codes


DRIP Eligible


Net Assets



Director, Commercial Capital Markets

1-877-938-2657 x285

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Footnotes: 1 Figures are as of July 31, 2018.
2Annualized return on Class I units, net of management and administrative fees assuming distributions have been reinvested.
3 Redemptions are subject to available cash and subject to a 1% retraction penalty if redeemed within the 1st year.