Invest in private mortgages with a best-in-class manager to protect your capital.

Investment highlights:

Experienced manager

High quality book and disciplined risk management process

Strong track record of returns with no loan losses since inception

Transparent fee structure with no performance fees

CMLS Mortgage Fund is sold to eligible investors through prospectus exemptions, and is available to:

Accredited Investor Exemption

Residents in Canada who qualify as accredited investors and complete an accredited investor certification and a risk acknowledgment form (45-106F9). Investment relies on the Accredited Investor exemption.

Offering Memorandum Exemption

Residents of British Columbia or Newfoundland and Labrador, who are provided with an offering memorandum and complete a risk acknowledgment form (45-106F4). Investment relies on the Offering Memorandum exemption.

Minimum Investment Exemption

By investing a minimum of $150,000 (for entities only). Investment relies on the Minimum Amount Exemption.

*** Note - if you are working with an Investment Advisor, you may also be eligible as your Advisor can qualify if they are acting on behalf of your fully managed account.


DJ French

DJ French

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